Barbell Collection

You asked and we delivered

Introducing Astrid and Miyu's very own and first ever 'after piercing' jewelry barbell collection. We have catered to everyone in this collection. They are dainty and delicate but also unique and striking. It is a range of 15 different pieces, made from Sterling Silver and available in all three plating's. They can be worn in both the lobe and cartilage and are designed for healed piercings.

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All of the collection can be worn in a regular lobe piercing, please bear in mind they will have a slightly larger gauge than regular costume jewelry earrings. The Opal Moon Barbell has intricate opals to sparkle in a helix, conch or tragus piercing. We would recommend the Jewelled Barbell for a conch or helix as it cascades down the ear and the Cross-Charm Barbell has a charm hanging from a diamanté stud, designed for the helix, auricle or tragus.

Once your piercing has healed, which varies from piercing to piercing, you will be able to change your jewelry to the barbells from this collection. Usually the earlobes have a standard healing time between 6-12 weeks. Ear cartilage including tragus, anti-tragus, upper and lower conch, helix, snug, daith, rook, etc is 3-6 months but in some instances can take longer.

Lobe, 1st Hole: Mystic Star Huggies - Gold $63

Lobe, 2nd: Mystic Cross Huggies - Gold $63

Lobe 3rd Hole: Halo Gem Barbell - Gold $40

Upper Lobe: Gem Cross Barbell - Gold $40

Wishbone Ear Cuff: $49

Lobe, 1st Hole: Button Barbell - Gold $38

Lobe, 2nd: Simple Gem Barbell - Gold $40

Lobe 3rd Hole: Simple Ring (piercing collection) - Gold

Simple Wishbone Ear Cuff: - Gold $38

Horseshoe Ear Cuff: - Gold $38

Lobe, 1st Hole: Cross Charm Barbell - Silver $45

Lobe, 2nd Hole: Simple Gem Barbell - Silver $40

Lobe 3rd Hole: Button Barbell - Silver $36

Fitzgerald Circle Ear Cuff: - Silver $49

Lobe, 1st Hole: Gem Moon Barbell - Rose Gold $45

Lobe, 2nd and 3rd Hole: Button Barbell, Black Stone Barbell - Rose Gold $36, $40

Lobe 4th Hole: Simple Gem Barbell - Rose Gold $40

Upper Lobe: Jewelled Barbell - Rose Gold $45

Lobe, 1st Hole: Moon Barbell - Rose Gold $36

Lobe, 2nd Hole: Simple Hoop (piercing collection) - Gold

Fitzgerald Circle Ear Cuff - Rose Gold $49

Simple Wishbone Ear Cuff - Rose Gold $38

Lobe, 1st Hole: Opal Moon Barbell - Gold $45

Lobe, 2nd Hole: Baguette Barbell - Gold $40

Lobe, 3rd Hole: Beaded Barbell - Gold $36

Basic 2.0 Beaded Ear Cuff and Basic Ear Cuff - Gold $49

Upper Lobe: Jewelled Barbell - Gold $45

Hopefully your piercing journey started with us and now it can continue with us too. All the pieces are made from Sterling Silver and are not appropriate to be pierced with initially. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us at