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Barbell Earrings

The Barbell Collection is our must have range of custom pieces designed for cartilage and lobe piercings. In all three plating’s, the intricate designs are eye catching and unique, giving you ultimate ear goals. 

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Necklaces made to be layered and loved forever. Delicate details mean you can keep it simple or stack it up with chokers; just add your favourite outfit and you’re good to go. 

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Ear Cuffs

Fake it 'til you make it. Whether you have multiple piercings or none at all get that completely curated ear with our iconic ear cuff's. Just team with your favourite hoops, studs and huggies. 

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Diamond Collection

Add a bit of sparkle without a filter. Crafted entirely from conflict free and ethically sourced, Lab-Grown Diamonds, which in our opinion makes the collection even better. 10 delicate and dainty designs available in Gold and Silver. Don’t wait, buy yourself the diamond you deserve.

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Cartilage Hoops

If you thought huggies were cute, then these are for you. They may be smaller but in no way are they less necessary. The teeny-tiny hoop that clicks right into place, anywhere on your ear. Clicker earrings have made changing out jewellery so much easier! 

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