Wishbone Ear Cuff in Gunmetal

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The wishbone ear cuff is an updated take on the classic piece. Crafted from gunmetal plated brass, the cuff has two metal bars that curl around the ear for a neat, yet edgy finish. The piece is almost entirely encrusted with white diamantes, giving it a luxury finish. All our ear cuffs are adjustable. To adjust simply pull either side of the cuff to open the gap to fit all sizes. Please contact us if you have any issues with this.

Composition: Gunmetal plated brass; cubic zirconia stones
Size: 40mm thick, 110mm height x 110mm width
Adjustable to fit any ear

Regular price $49 Sale

Plating - Gunmetal


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Wishbone Ear Cuff in Gunmetal - $49.00
Wishbone Ear Cuff in Gunmetal
Gunmetal plated brass, diamanté encrusted ear cuff with two curved bars