Gem Clicker in Silver

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Glisten everyday with the Gem Clicker in Silver. Designed for cartliage piercings and availiable in your favourite plating. The Gem Clicker is a must have for anybody addicted to ear stacking. Made from Sterling Silver and Silver plated. Check out our easy "how to wear" guide here. These hoops are teeny-tiny, so please read the measurements below!

Suitable for: Lobes, Helix, Forward Helix, Tragus and Auricle.

Composition: Sterling Silver; Stone: White Cubic Zirconia
Outer diamater: 8mm Inner diameter: 5.4 mm; Post: 4.6mm

Gauge: 0.8mm

Sold individually

Regular price $43 Sale

Plating - Silver


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Gem Clicker in Silver - $43.00
Gem Clicker in Silver
Gem Clicker in Silver worn in forward helix piercing