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The Design Project

Dedicated to investing in new talent, Astrid & Miyu’s Founder Connie Nam decided to create the Design Project. “Whilst living in London for the last 9 years working with various creatives I've always been impressed by how much creative talent there is in the city, and how brands aren’t taking advantage of this. I came across Matilde Mozzanega and Rebecka Arneberg, both final year students at Saint Martins, looked at their portfolio and decided to work with them to launch the first collections for the Design Project.”

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The Maiochiru Collection.

The first of two new projects with Central Saint Martins students and aspiring designers has been created by Matilde Monzzanega. The collection includes 3 beautifully versatile earring designs in different lengths, inspired by the movement of the cherry blossom.

Matilde, the 22 year old designer behind her first ever collection with Astrid & Miyu is currently in her final year of jewelry design at Central Saint Martins and also works across Astrid & Miyu’s two central London stores to gain more experience within the jewelry industry. She explains that, “I have been passionate about jewelry design since I can remember and have always dreamt about studying and pursuing a career within the industry. The opportunity at Astrid & Miyu has allowed me to live out my passion. Having had the chance to design my first ever commercial collection has allowed me to focus on a whole theme and see all of this inspiration come to life.”

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The Crossing Lines Collection.

Rebecka, the designer behind her first ever collection with Astrid & Miyu recently graduated from Central St Martins last year. Rebecka spent the last two years working in our central London stores to gain more experience within the jewelry industry.

Describing the collection’s inspiration Rebecka explains “I come from a really small town in the middle of Sweden. So the collection really centers around the simplicity of Sweden and Swedish architectural designs. I thought it was an interesting concept to see how small elements mix to make something large and beautiful. The collection is inspired by my heritage and the exposure I have had to architecture which I thought was a unique approach to jewelry design. I also thought this would allow me to create a collection totally different for people to enjoy wearing.”

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