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Piercing FAQ

Before contacting our support team, we have put together a number of frequently asked questions for you to try and assist with any queries you might have. If you need further support, please email us at

Yes, our prices include the piercing service and the jewelry for one hole. We charge £45 for one lobe piercing and £55 for one cartilage piercing.

We do, however, our piercing service gets booked quite quickly and cannot guarantee that we'll be able to accommodate for any walk-ins. We advise to pre-book your appointment to avoid any disappointment

You can reschedule you piercing appointment twice, this will need to be requested 24 hours before. If you want to cancel or reschedule on the day you risk losing your deposit.

• If you are 16-18 years old you will need to bring a valid ID (either a passport or driving licence) with you when getting pierced. If we think you look under the age of 18 we will ID you, so we advise you to bring along ID just in case.
• If you are 10-16 years old we can pierce your ears with the permission from a parent or legal guardian, they will have to bring along ID for themselves and the minor. The adult will have to do the consent form.

Lobe Piercings - We can pierce any person ages 10+. If you are the parent or legal guardian of someone under the ages of 16 please call ahead to one of our piercing studios before booking for a consultation to avoid disappointment.

Cartilage Piercings - We can pierce any person aged 13+ subject to consultation. If you are the parent or legal guardian of someone under the ages of 16 please call ahead to one of our piercing studios before booking for a consultation to avoid disappointment.

We cannot pierce you if you have taken any blood thinning medication 24 hours beforehand (e.g. Aspirin). Taken any recreational drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours beforehand. Are pregnant or are nursing. You must have eaten in the last 4 hours before getting your ears pierced, to avoid feeling ill or faint.

Minimum healing time for lobe reconstruction is 6 months depending on what the scars look like. The piercer might refuse the procedure, if they think the scars are too fragile to support a viable piercing.

We have a small collection specifically for piercing. You cannot get pierced using other styles on our website unfortunately due to the material and size. Piercing jewelry is either made from Titanium or Surgical Steel, as well as solid gold. Check out our piercing jewelry here.

We cannot pierce your ears more than 4 times in one session. This is for your own safety. When getting a cartilage piercing we recommend getting no more than 2 in one sitting, this will depend on where they are on the ear, our piercer will advise. We also recommend getting them done on one ear at a time as it will be easier to sleep and help the piercings heal quicker.

We can only pierce with jewelry from our piercing collection. We do have a 20% discount off our ear bar when you get your ears pierced so you can buy earrings to change into once your piercing has healed.

Yes, this is fine. Please note our care guide for caring for your piercing as you can not swim with when your piercing is still new.

All our piercing jewelry is unisex, we even pierced Sam Thompson's ears. We have styles to suit all genders, take a look at our look book to see a few of the range.

We are unable to pierce your conch using a hoop. This is due to the healing process. After a few months, you can then change your stud to a ring if you wish. Pop into the store and we can do this for you with one of our other styles.

We can pierce with some of our hoops, but it will all depend on the thickness of your daith. We recomend you choose a back up piercing piece for your daith and our piercer will advise on the day.

At this current time you cannot buy our piercing jewelry without getting a piercing.

Please contact us at Astrid & Miyu Head office; find the details on our Contact Us page.

This is really dependant on the situation, how you looked after the piercings and what material you were pierced with. Drop by our store and we can take a look at your situation to see what we suggest. A lot of the reasons for infected or irritated piercings is down to the aftercare and the materials used to pierce with. Titanium/Surgical steel is the recommended material to use when piercing.

This is very common with a piercing and an ear piercing can take anything up to a whole year to fully heal. Continue to use the aftercare solution and be careful not to knock the piercing to cause more irritation. The worst thing to do is to remove the jewelry as this can allow an infection to occur.

Changing your piercing is all dependant on how your piercing is healing. We recommend waiting at least 6 weeks for lobe piercings and 12 weeks for cartilage. Once this time has passed you are fine to change your jewelry but the piercing may still get irritated from time to time, if this happens we recommend going back to your piercing care routine until it calms. If you are unsure please contact us or come visit us in-store.

We can only pierce one person at a time due to time restrictions. Please book an appointment for each person wanting to get pierced.

New piercings will close up in 30 mins sometimes, so if it's been a day or even "overnight" yes it will have to be re-pierced. They have to wait until redness and tenderness goes away, somewhere around 2/3 weeks (depending what piercing it was) but it's no exact science so it's best for them to come in and let us see it. If, on the other hand, the piercing has been yanked out, the wait should be longer as the area will be irritated, in this case we definitely have to see and feel the area prior to re-piercing it.

Make sure whatever they put in is clean and of good quality so there's no irritation, and yes come in asap as earrings have different thicknesses and are usually thinner than the jewelry we use.

Yes it will. That's just how the human body heals and it varies from person to person. Generally it's a good few years before your able to not wear any jewelry without the risk of them closing up. We have to always advise clients that if they like their piercings they should always have a jewelry in it!

Best to keep the original post in and put a plaster on it as changing to another jewelry can cause the hole to shrink down (making it hard for us to replace it with our jewelry) and can also cause irritation