NYC Pop up

NYC, Part 2

We promised we’d be back soon!

Our first pop up in March was such a success, with 325 piercings in 4 days, hundreds of visits and so much love, we couldn’t resist coming back. Only this time, it will be bigger and better: 12 days, double the piercers, double the appointments and unlimited sparkle (almost). #AMtakesNY

As Elizabeth St undoubtedly stole our hearts and we couldn’t imagine a better location, you will be able to find us there again - see below for all the details.



251 Elizabeth Street, New York, 10012


5th - 16th of June / 11am - 7pm


Bookings, walk-ins, ear piercings (lobe and cartilage), pampering, laughs and sparkles

It is easier than ever to book an appointment. Just select your date & time and confirm. We will send you a follow up email with all the info and a reminder closer to your appointment.

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Ears brighter than your future

NYC is heating up and were about to make it that much hotter. Our long awaited and ever asked for Barbell collection has just launched and we are bringing it with us, with plenty of other jewels, goodies and special surprises!

Barbell Collection


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